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Video content is slowing gaining importance around the world as the most effective method of getting noticed. Be it short form or long, video content is gaining traction globally as the ideal way to grab attention. It is imperative that any business with global aspirations is able to provide viable content, in the native language of the target market.

This is where, voice-overs and dubbing come into play. We provide voice-over and dubbing of content to and from all Indian, European and Asian languages.

Voice-overs are notoriously tricky and accent and delivery the top two ingredients for successful content. By employing native speakers, we manage to produce content that can easily rival the original content for clarity and understandability. We will translate the relevant text into the required language and record the new content using our professional artists.


With a wide-spread freelance network of foreign-language speakers, we will also be able to dub content accurately into the target language, paying special attention to dialect accuracy and synchronicity with that of the original.

Each project team is headed by a multi-lingual Supervisor, who will work in tandem with the client in producing a product that is accurate and fits the client's specifications.

How we work

  • The client sends us the script.
  • Script gets translated into the target language, to the approval of the client.
  • Audio file is created in our recording studio.

Commercials, films, training videos or any other customised projects, our specialists will translate the given script, create the audio file and deliver the finished content on time, every time. We guarantee that our finished product will have no match for its originality and quality in terms of pronunciation, intonation and voice characteristics.

Other related services we provide include

  1. Script/subtitle translation
  2. Multi-lingual Voice-over talent
  3. Multi-lingual Voice-over Supervisor
  4. Multi-lingual post editor
  5. Recording Studio