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The objective of any kind of localisation is to overcome any kind of linguistic, cultural and trade barriers and enable companies reach a larger audience. Software localisation's requirements are a few steps beyond the basic, involving the technical needs of the target market as well as cultural. Nothing fosters trust better than localised content and this is where our Software localisation team come in.

Cosmic Europe's team is technically sound, capable of formulating the best strategy for localisation, working in tandem with you, our clients and with our translators. Our processes result in a seamless and coherent product.

While localising software, we will make sure that the functionality of the product is optimised for localisation, translate any and all text content used in the software and put the product through rigorous testing so that it passes our test for language, functionality and look and feel.

Our services include software translation, software engineering, software testing, online help translation and online help engineering & testing. Apart from these, we carry out periodic updates and maintenance so that the software remains error-free.