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Cosmic Europe Limited (CER) is a Business Service Provider based in the United Kingdom with an ISO certified associate delivery center based in Chennai, India (Cosmic Global Limited)

With more than a decade in the field of Business Process Outsourcing, Cosmic Europe stands at that sweet spot, where we know just what our clients want and exactly how to deliver it. We consistently put our clients' expectations at the top of our list; meeting and exceeding them are our priority. Our primary focus is building a deep and lasting relationships with our customers and we do this by ensuring that Cosmic Europe functions more as an extension of their business, not an external concern. Our time-tested methodologies are built in order to be scalable, cost-effective and of optimal delivery of products. We are experienced in conceptualising technology and putting them into practice, concisely and precisely. We do so by the different arms of the greater Cosmic Europe team working in smooth harmony. 'Team' is our favourite four-letter word at Cosmic Europe and our teams of freelance translators, client services, marketing, sales, technical, quality control, support services and project co-ordination, work in tandem to meet our clients' requirements and deliver superior quality products every single time. We have years' worth of experience dealing with a changing and a challenging global business environment.